Nordic Holiday and Nature Resort Aarni is focused on lake nature, it is thus unique throughout Finland.

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Aarni is an international holiday and nature center under construction for tourists and nature lovers.
The roof ridge of the Stone Age restaurant has been installed.

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Aarni's meaning by locality

  • Project will create 100 place of work.
  • Areal impacts are 5 million euros in a year.
  • Interesting visiting sight for various companies.
  • The sight will add effectivity of regional economy.
  • Change the locality image and mental image.
  • Will activate local people and add the pride of the area.
  • Internationally interesting tourist attraction.


Aarni's ground values

  • RESPONSIBILITY = Respect of nature values as well as economical and socialcultural values
  • ACCESSIBILITY = Aarni is built for everyone and activities are adaptable to everyone
  • NATURE = Purity, respect for the original nature from the planning of the area to its daily activities
  • AUTHENTICITY = Aarni’s activities are truly based on the nature, history and present of the area
  • Aarni is inside the area of Salpausselkä Geopark
  • Architectural and ecological leader in Päijät-Häme
  • Buildings are environmentally friendly and accessible

Nature Resort Aarni

  • The theme of Nature Resort Aarni is the nature of Southern Päijänne from the Stone Age to the present day.
  • Nature Resort Aarni is focused on lake nature, it is thus unique throughout Finland.
  • Nature Resort Aarni is leader of architectural and ecological construction.
  • The exhibitions focuses on experimentalism and utilize the latest interactive technology.
  • Nature Resort Aarni is planned to be a community of general interest.

The added value of the project to the Western Lakeland

  • The value of the project is approximately EUR 60 million. €
  • The project will employ about 100 hp during the construction phase and 120 hp in its full operation, including light and small entrepreneurs.
  • The estimated tourist flow is 800–1000 people / day. According to research, a tourist leaves 85 € / day in the area, which means that with 800 people / day, the tourist income to the area is 68,000 € / day

Municipality of Padasjoki, Petri Koivula:

  • The municipality will receive more than EUR 5 million in investments in the port,
  •  municipal technology, waterways, outdoor routes and parking areas. €.
  • The investment was originally based on increasing tourism and jobs in the region
  • The project is trans-regional, offering jobs not only in Päijät-Häme but also to small entrepreneurs in Kanta-Häme EVO camping area and Central Finland, Iso-Järvi national park.

Nordic Holiday and Nature Resort Aarni

  • Aarni project developer is Päijänteen Loma Oy, which acquired the lakeside plot in 2015.
  • Porvari Group Oy is behind Päijänteen Loma Oy. Porvari Group Oy has developed Kullasmarina Holiday Resort next to future Aarni Resort.
  • Päijänteen Loma Oy will be later the lessor to Aarni Resort area.
  • The size of the plot is 3,3 hectares (including artificial peninsula 0,6 hectares).
  • Aarni has 10.000 square layer of building right for tourism.
  • Aarni has ready area formula and communal utilities.
  • Aarni construction project is in the general planning phase.

Welcome to co-operation!

In the general planning phase we are looking for operators and business partners
You can contact us by using the contact form in this website. Click here for it.
  •  Restaurant and hotel operators
  •  Local food producers
  •  Marina operators
  •  Manufacturers of products based on Finnish nature, history and culture
  •  Operators of guide and program services, which are based on respecting the nature, local history and culture
  •  Associations and communities to develop the Nature Resort Aarni